Canada’s Working Economic Action Plan

As what was already mentioned, Canada’s innovation and technology sector has gained a lot of support from the government over the last decade. This is because the administration believes that Canada innovation and technology are crucial factors which result to a more prosperous country.

Fostering Distinction in Priority Departments

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Canada is a world leader in innovation and as such, its sectors are strong competitors worldwide.

These innovations include progression in communications technology and developments in medicine.


Life Sciences and Biomedical Technologies – because of the funding provided for by the government, Canada is leading in terms of cardiovascular devices, digital radiography, dental implants and materials, home health-care products and in vitro diagnostics. Research is also constantly done in subjects such as neuroscience and genomics.


Environmental Sciences and Technologies – this sector has always been a national priority in the country. Canada continues to do ocean research. In agricultural aspects, this North American country boasts its ability to produce organic chemicals from biomass feedstocks such as wheat, biowaste and corn. Hemp is being innovated to be used in textile and paper production.

Information and Communications Technologies – In digital media, Canada has 60 universities and 75 training institutes which offer courses in web and game development. The country is the third producer of videogames. Wireless companies in Canada are also leading providers of WiFi, mesh networks and WiMax.

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June 8, 2016

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